This edition of the conference highlighted the subject of “Socioeconomic Mobility and Education” in the region.

The meeting was co-hosted by Centro Micro Datos from Universidad de Chile and by Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión SocialOn that regard and as part of the meetings a workshop on Social Mobility: Concept, measures, and empirical applications. This course was delivered by Florencia Torche - Associate Professor of Sociology at NYU -thanks to the support of the Espinosa Yglesias Research Center. The workshop examined the concept of mobility as well as a battery of empirical strategies to measure it. Different aspects of mobility were discussed: income, earnings, socioeconomic status and occupational class, and the challenges of measuring each of these aspects. During the workshop the strategies to analyze mobility reviewed were classical log-linear regression models, non- and semi-parametric regression models, and log-linear analysis for the mobility table, among others. The workshop included application of these techniques using empirical data from Latin America and the US. 


  • Eduardo Rodríguez-Oreggia & Bruno López Videla: "Vocational and general high school education: How they affect the wages of young adults along the income distribution"

  • Carlos Henrique Corseuil, Miguel Foguel & Gustavo Gonzaga: "The effects of apprenticeship program on wages and employability of youths in Brazil"

  • Naercio Menezes-Filho, Rodrigo Moita & Eduardo de Carvalho Andrade: "Running away from the Poor: Bolsa Familia and Entry in School Markests"

  • Juan M. Villa & Miguel Niño-Zarazúa: "Poverty Dynamics and Graduation from Social Protection: A Markovian Model for Mexico's Oportunidades Programme"

  • Roxana Maurizio: "El impacto distributivo del salario minimo en Argentina, Brasil, Chile y Uruguay"
  • Paula Herrera-Idárraga, Enrique López-Bazo & Elisabet Motellón: "Wage gaps across colombian regions: The Role of Education and Informality"


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Jaime Ruiz-Tagle
Isidro Soloaga
Dante Contreras

Round table

Analia Jaimovich
Miguel Urquiola
Sergio Urzua
Analia Jaimovich
Miguel Urquiola
Sergio Urzúa