The meeting was co-hosted by Universidad Iberoamericana’s Economics Department. This edition emphasized three broad subjects: i) Poverty, microenterprises and productivity

, ii) Equity in access to public services (health, education, water, etc.) and iii) Beyond CCT´s policies: What´s next?. On that regard and as part of the meetings a workshop on Multidimensional Measure of Poverty: An application to Mexico’s case applications. It was delivered by Enrique Minor, General Director of the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy. The workshop examined methodological and normative aspects for multidimensional poverty measures, including the application of these techniques to México’s case. 



pablo cotler
Pablo Cotler
Isidro Soloaga


paula hernandez
rodolfo delatorre
carolina trivelli
Paula Hernández
Rodolfo de la Torre
Carolina Trivelli