The meeting held in Cuernavaca took place at Argento Hotel on June 15th. It focused on papers related to "Impact of Programs and policies on poverty and inequality".

 The meeting presented seven papers in four sessions. It was possible thanks to the collaboration of El Colegio de México.


    • Jose Cuesta, Svetlana Edmeades & Lucía Madrigal: "Food Security and Public Agricultural Spending in Bolivia"

    • Cuanalo de la C. Heriberto: "Development against poverty as a complex system in a mayan village"

    • Emilio Gutierrez & Rodimiro Rodrigo: "Evaluation of impact of a Remedial Mathematic Program in Mexico City"

    • Cecilia Adrogue: "Equality of Educational Opportunities at Public Primary Schools in Argentina"

    • Tomás Rau, Loreto Reyer & Sergio Urzúa: "Lead Exposure and its effects on academica achievement and earnings - Evidence from an environmental negligence"

    • Luis Fernando Gamboa & Fábio D. Waltenberg: "Equality of opportunity in academic achievement in Latin_America - An investigation employing PISA 2006-2009"

    • Werner Hernani-Limarino: "Assessing the impact of school subsidies in Bolivia: A reduced form non-parametric approach"


miguel jaramillo
Miguel Jaramillo

Keynote Speaker

gonzalo hernandez licona
miguel jaramillo
Gonzalo Hernandez Licona
Migue Jaramillo (Chair)