The 18th edition, held at Columbia University on April 20th, focused on two broad subjetcs: "Financial Systems and Poverty" and "External Sector and Poverty". 

Papers that adressed the effect of growth and the impact of economic crises throughout its main channels on poverty were encouraged, which could have been financial or real (remittances, foreign direct investment, employment, tourism, etc.). The meeting was supported by the Group for the Analysis of Development and Columbia University (Institute of Latin American Studies and the School of International and Public Affairs) 


    • Carlos Madeira: "Explaining consumer debt risk through a micro model of income volatility and credit markets: The case of Chile"

    • Eduardo Fajnzylber: "Implicit redistribution in the Chilean social insurance system"

    • Ana Corbacho & Rene Osorio Rivas: "Travelling the Distance: A GPS-based study of the access to birth registration services in Latin America and the Caribbean"

    • Sabina Alkire, José Manuel Roche & Suman Seth: "Sub-national Disparities and Inter-temporal Evolution of Multidimensional Poverty across Developing Countries"

    • Joao Pedro Azevedo, Gabriela Inchauste & Viviane Sanfelice: "Decomposing the Decline in Income Inequality in Latin America"


miguel jaramillo
Tom trebat
Miguel Jaramillo
Tom Trebat


nora lustig
Darryl McLeod
Jose antonio ocampo
Nora Lustig
Darryl Mcleod
Jose Antonio Ocampo

Keynote Speaker

roberto rigobon
Miguel Urquiola
Roberto Rigobon
Miguel Urquiola (Chair)