On March 24th and 25th took place the Workshop on Politics, Inequality and Poverty in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was held at Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española, and it was possible thanks to the Research Institute for Development, Growth and Economics’ efforts.

The workshop began with the keynote lecture: “Distribution in Motion: Economic growth, inequality and poverty dynamics” by Francisco Ferreira. The Workshop included the presentation of 8 papers in 5 sessions and concluded with a Policy Debate about "Perspectives in Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America". The participants were Hugo Ñopo (IADB), Juan Martín Moreno (World Bank), Rodrigo Arim (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) and Fernando Filgueira (Deputy Minister, Education, Uruguay). 


  • Hugo Ñopo & Daniel Alonso-Soto:"How does Latin America stand on schooling premium? What does it reveal about its education quality? Evidence form inmigrants in the U.S."

  • Sergio Firpo, Francisco Ferreira & Julian Messina: "A more level playing field? Explaining the decline in earnings inequality in Brazil, 1995-2012"

  • Natalia Nollengerger, Nuria Rodríguez & Almudena Sevilla: "The Math Gender Gap: The Role of Culture"

  • Giulia Lotti, Victor Lavy & Zizhong Yan: "Empowering Mothers and Promoting Early Childhood Investment: Evidence from a Unique Preschool Program in Ecuador"

  • Claudio Ferraz & Carlos Varjao: "Electoral Re-registration, Disenfranchisement and Public Service Provision"

  • Andrea Pellandra: "The Commodity Price Boom and Regional Workers in Chile: a Natural Resources Blessing"

  • Alina Machado, Gioia de Melo & Alfonso Miranda: "The Impact of a One Laptop per Child Program on Learning. Evidence from Uruguay"

  • Joana Silva, Rafael Proenca & Flavio Sireno: "Are educational trajectories improving among the poor as a result of the social assistance program Bolsa Familia? A Regression Discontinuity Approach"

  • Gastón Yalonetzky & Indranil Dutta: "Endogenous Weights and measurement externalities in counting poverty indices"

  • Roxana Maurizio, Luis Beccaria, Gustavo Vásquez & Manuel Espro: "Factors Associated with Poverty Dynamics in Five Latin America Countries"



Keynote Speaker

omar licandro
Francisco Ferreira
Omar Licandro (Chair)